How Can Chatbots Be Used To Collect And Enhance NPS Ratings

How Can Chatbots Be Used To Collect And Enhance NPS Ratings?

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What makes Apple stand out is that people love the brand. People who use their goods are so loyal that they don’t want to switch to any other brand. How committed and contented customers are is gauged using the Nett Promoter Score. And Apple always gets an NPS in the high 70s or low 80s, which is much higher than the average for the business.

Businesses figure out NPS by asking clients to rate their experience on a range from 0 to 10 and then taking the percentage of customers who gave a score of 6 or lower away from the number of customers who gave a score of 9 or 10. The number that comes out shows how likely people are to tell others about the product or service.

The NPS shows how happy and loyal a customer base is. The key is to get people to rate what they’ve done. When all other poll methods fail, businesses consider robots a possible way to get this information. By talking to users, robots can get the information companies need to improve their NPS and the customer experience.

Why is it important to improve the Nett Promoter Score?

The higher the NPS, the more likely people will tell their friends about your business. Because of this, companies need to improve the NPS. Here are some reasons why optimizing the Nett Promoter Score is a good idea:

  • A high Nett Promoter Score (NPS) shows that customers are loyal, and optimizing it helps raise this number.
  • Businesses can find out what they can do better by using NPS polls.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing can give a business an edge over its competitors.
  • A high NPS means buyers will keep coming back, which means a steady income stream.
  • Businesses can better care for their customers by listening to what they have to say.

What does it mean that chatbots are used for NPS?

Chatbots are a wonderful way for businesses to discover what their customers think and how they feel about them. Its engaging features allow companies to ask users for feedback, find possible problems, and enhance customer service.

Here are 5 reasons brands should use robots to collect NPS:

Quickness and accuracy:

Chatbots make it easy and quick for businesses to get customer feedback. Because of AI, they can correctly figure out what people want and give them the right answer. When an exchange is over, the robot can quickly ask for comments to get NPS numbers from many people.

Cost Savings:

Chatbots are cheap and take little to no costs for maintenance or running. Also, robots can get NPS from customers anytime, even when businesses are closed. This makes them a wonderful choice for businesses that want to cut costs and still get customer feedback.


Chatbots can be changed to fit the needs of a business. This lets businesses ask particular inquiries or make more relevant surveys to the customer. This helps ensure that the feedback gathered is useful and important.

Better personalization and engagement:

Chatbots are more likely to get customers’ attention because they are involved and interesting. Also, they can be made to fit the interests of each customer, which lets businesses send polls that are more relevant to each customer. This helps ensure that the feedback gathered is correct and useful to the customer, making NPS numbers more useful.

Customer convenience:

Chatbots make it easy and quick for customers to give feedback without filling out long forms. Customers’ opinions can also be considered when deciding how to collect feedback. It makes it simpler for customers to give feedback, which makes it more likely that more people will do so.

Uses of Chatbots for NPS

Through NPS, chatbots are a great way to find out what customers think. They make it easy and quick for businesses to get customer feedback and learn how loyal and happy they are. Companies can learn more about their users and improve their goods and services by using robots.

Here are some examples:

  • After a customer has talked to a business, a chatbot can send them a report. This could happen after a customer has bought something or used a service or function. The robot can ask the customer questions about their experience, and their answers can be used to figure out the NPS score.
  • For a seamless experience, chatbots can ask for comments in different ways. Customers answer on the sites they like best, which helps businesses get more feedback.
  • Chatbots can also keep track of how customers talk to them over time. Companies can learn more about how customers feel and find ways to improve by keeping track of what customers say. The robot can utilize this information to send users questions and get their NPS numbers.
  • Chatbots can also have real-time conversations with customers and push them to give comments. Customers can be asked what they believe about the goods or services by the robot. By giving out surveys regularly, businesses can better understand how their customers feel and keep track of how their trust changes over time.


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