How Frequently Should I Upgrade My Tablet

How Frequently Should I Upgrade My Tablet?

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Every year, Apple happens with a new iPad model, whether it’s an iPad Pro, an iPad Air, an iPad Mini, or a regular iPad. Tablets are also made by companies like Samsung, Amazon, and Lenovo, which often make new versions. But does that mean you should get a new tablet every time a new one comes out? The question is how often you should buy a new tablet.

When it is no longer supported

Tablets are mostly used to have fun by most people. They watch movies, listen to music, play games, or read eBooks on the tablet’s bigger screen. Its bigger screen is also good for video calls, especially between families. So, if you mostly use your tablet for these things, you don’t have to upgrade it very often.

Most people should upgrade their tablet when it’s no longer being supported. So, if you look at Apple’s tablet devices, the first-generation iPad Pro has still been supported, giving it a seven-year lifespan. If you like Android tablets, the Samsung Tab line will get security updates for at least four years.

If you only use your tablet a little bit, it can last you for years. It would be best if you only got a new tablet when support for your old one ends. Even though an old tablet is still helpful, it can put your data at risk because it doesn’t get the latest OS and security updates. So, even if you take good care of your tablet and do not use it much, you should consider upgrading it when it loses support.

Every time it suffers irreparable damage,

Even though many companies don’t let third parties fix their products, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your broken gadgets fixed. If your device gets damage that can be fixed, like a broken screen or a dead battery, you should take it to a service center you trust before getting rid of it.

Your first choice should always be to take it to an authorized service center or, if you’re good with tools, to attempt the brand’s self-service repair program. But if fixing it is no longer cost-effective or the self-repair program is setting you up to fail, it’s time to buy a new one.

Even if you bought a new tablet and would rather use it, don’t throw away your broken one. Instead, you can fix it cheaply and use your old tablet for other things, like a smart home hub or a digital picture frame.

Each time it gets harder to use,

Since tablets are computers, each new one usually has more power than the last. So it creates sense for app developers to use better hardware. But old hardware will have a hard time running these new apps. So, if the apps you use slow down your tablet, you might consider upgrading.

For example, you should consider upgrading your tablet if you play FPS games on it and often get lag even though your old device can’t keep up. If you’re running out of the area on your tablet, that’s another reason to get a new one. Even though you can delete system data and information to free up disk space, it can only do so much.

Some tablets have a MicroSD slot that lets you add more storage, but the most popular ones don’t have this. So, if your tablet is full and you can’t delete any more apps or data, the only thing you can do is buy a new one with more space.

When you need a feature that is only in a newer version

Even though most people use their tablets for fun, some use them for work. If you are using your tablet for work and the next generation gets a feature that will help you, you should upgrade. For example, if you are a graphic artist who uses an iPad 4 to make art, you would benefit from updating the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

If you’re editing videos on a 4th iPad Pro with an Apple A12Z chip, that’s another case. The Apple M1-powered iPad Pro will be a good upgrade because it will give you a huge performance boost that will help you get more done.

But you shouldn’t buy a tablet just because it has a new feature you like and find useful. If you’re getting rid of your old tablet, it makes sense to get a better one. But if you’re only getting a new tablet for that new feature, you should first think about how much it will cost and how much it will help your work.

Every Other Generation

If you have the money or your company pays for your gear, it makes sense to upgrade it every other year, usually every other year. That way, you can make sure you have the right gear. Even if you can afford it, it doesn’t always make sense to get a new tablet every time a new one comes out.

Tablets are costly, with the base model 12.9-inch iPad Pro costing as much as $999. Also, most generational improvements are gradual, and adding small improvements rarely makes it worth buying something new. Only after Apple released the M1-powered iPad was Pro suggested to upgrade to the newest iPad Pro, even if your tablet is only one generation behind.

How often should you upgrade?

Even though it might be appealing to purchase a new tablet every time a better one comes out, it’s not a good idea. You should at least keep your tablet for one generation before getting the newest one. Before upgrading your device, you should also consider how to use it.

Since technology is getting better, these things should last longer. So, you might not need to upgrade if your existing and current one is still working well. But you can upgrade your tablet every year if you want to. Just make sure you trade in your old one. That way, you can save money on your new tablet and help cut down on e-waste.

You could also sell your old tablet or give it to someone who needs it. But no matter what you decide, make sure you delete everything from your old tablet to keep your personal information safe.

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