List Of The Top 5 Sales CRM Software Applications

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A customer relationship management system for sales (sales CRM software) is a multifunctional platform used by enterprises worldwide to store all customer information in one location. This allows them to simplify the management of their sales funnel and generate more sales.

Sales CRM software may increase your sales by 29%, your productivity by 34%, and the accuracy of your forecasts by 44%. If these data don’t tell you much, let’s explore how sales CRM software may benefit your company.

Advantages of using sales CRM software

Like a smartphone in your pocket, CRM software for your business is multipurpose and very quick, and… you’re probably thinking of additional enticing benefits right now. A solid CRM will benefit your company by:

Streamline lead generation and management

If you use sales CRM software, you won’t need to invest much time and money in locating high-quality leads and nurturing them until they purchase. You will be able to lower your lead expenses by 23%.

Managing and organizing your prospect conversations is made easier with CRM. In addition, it automatically reminds you of required follow-ups, giving you more time to concentrate on techniques for establishing close and trustworthy connections with customers.

Manage sales activities

Your sales staff is a versatile system that must execute hundreds of jobs concurrently. These include prospecting, lead communication, field sales, regulating outcomes, sales training, etc.

To avoid being mired in the turmoil of everyday sales tasks, your organization should have a platform that integrates and centralizes the whole process. A sales CRM provides an all-encompassing solution for your sales activities.

Forecast sales

Your company’s CRM software for sales will also perform forecasting functions. It offers automated methods for assessing the deal’s worth and the likelihood of closing. With this information at your disposal, you can concentrate your efforts on those consumer categories that have the potential to generate more conversions.

Track sales results

Imagine that you are delighted to have concluded yet another transaction. However, sales success involves more than simply closing agreements. You must connect the number of resources invested in the victory. A customer relationship management system for sales is a solution that allows you to monitor all sales outcomes and forecast on-target profits.

Top CRM platform list


Salesflare is an easy-to-use but robust sales CRM system for small and medium-sized B2B companies.


Most CRMs are too complex and need substantial effort to maintain. But not Salesflare!

The user-friendly sales CRM from Salesflare automatically updates itself by collecting client data from emails, email signatures, meetings, phone conversations, publicly accessible information, email and web tracking, LinkedIn, and other sources.

You may access the CRM directly from inside Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and LinkedIn.


Salesflare does not let you locate prospects, warm up your email address, or validate email addresses. Thus you must use a different platform for sales prospecting.


30-day trial for free. Paid plans begin at $29 per month.


The Pipedrive sales CRM software is a small business-oriented solution with various helpful sales features.


This platform offers a user-friendly interface and extensive functionality to assist your team in building numerous sales funnels, managing leads and transactions, tracking all conversations, sending automatic follow-ups, and generating bespoke reports on your sales success.

As you may have imagined, Pipedrive is a CRM with robust connectivity features, so it will be simple to synchronize it with your preferred applications.


Pipedrive CRM software lacks an inbound email-sending function; thus, you’ll need to utilize a different platform for your routine email correspondence with sales prospects. This makes its integration with all the more significant.

Free 14-day trial pricing. Paid plans begin at €15 per month ($18.25 per month).


The HubSpot CRM software seems well-prepared to meet your requirements.


You may begin using HubSpot’s complimentary CRM software. You will like having your complete sales operations shown on a streamlined dashboard, receiving real-time information on your sales activities, gaining access to useful data about the success of your sales force, and developing your sales training programs.

Additionally, this CRM software will empower you with resources to maintain continual contact with your prospects, including free meeting planning, live chat, email templates, email tracking, and other features.


Insufficient customization possibilities may be a drawback of utilizing HubSpot. As your organization develops, you will ultimately need to purchase more sophisticated packages to expand the possibilities of your sales CRM.


Free plan. Paid plans begin at $39 per month.


There is no question that you are familiar with Salesforce. Probably the most popular CRM software currently available. Small firms may see it as a “we’re not ready” answer since many business sharks favor it. However, you may begin with a free trial to familiarize yourself with its primary features.


Salesforce provides a basic version known as Salesforce Essentials. With this package, you’ll be able to import your data and set up your sales CRM with in-app assistance, manage your contacts and deals in a single location, fine-tune client interactions, and interface with your existing applications.


Salesforce has storage constraints for data. Therefore, when your client base expands, keeping a large amount of information for free may become troublesome in the future. In addition, customization of its capabilities may be expensive.


The trial version of Salesforce Essentials for 14 days. Paid plans begin at $25 per month (billed annually).


The Zoho sales CRM software has much to offer your company. You will like its user-friendly design, extensive customization possibilities, integration capabilities, and data security.


The toolkit offered by Zoho comprises elements like customer assistance, product reporting, social media management for sales, and automation for sales. Therefore, you need not bother about handling your leads. This sales software is the most reliable in this regard.


Zoho is not a solution if you need one-on-one involvement with your sales prospects. Sadly, this sales CRM software lacks individual email monitoring and lead notification tools.


Free up to three users. Paid plans begin at €18 per month.

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